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The Petrol Bus - During the 1980's when the media circus' demonising of the travelling community was at its peak, the Police hounded the convoy not allowing it to stop, the Bus finally run out of Petrol near Stoney Cross. In a moment of despair for the stricken travellers a local man offered refuge on his property.

The Bus at the time this picture was taken was owned By Dave or 'Petrol Bus Dave'.

Carol Wellwood or 'Herb Carol' as she was known at the time, is the front passenger in the picture and shared this memory of that day:

'1986, just after the Stony Cross eviction/impound. We had cops in front and cops behind, making sure we couldn't stop for fuel or anything. I think they were really hacked off that Dave's bus had proven roadworthy in the instant MOTs they carried out on Stony Cross common that morning. I think it was Ozzy cowering in the door (Goddess only knows what and how much of it he'd decided he had to swallow that morning!!). We spent the day being chased around Wiltshire and Hampshire by convoys of police vans and ended up breaking down within a few miles of Stony Cross, before being rescued by Peter Gardner and his friends, for which thanks again, Peter.'

 Douglas Herd in a statement from the House of Commons, the then Home Secretary, gave the name of the book and the travelling group at this time when he coined the term and likened the group to  a ″band of medieval brigands.″

The link below documents the seven days of this poinient moment in British history.


The Image used in this hoodie print is taken from the Book 'Medieval Brigands' by Pete Gardner. A Photographic trip down memory lane for the many who called the road their home. It is still available to buy at the link below:

The Photo was recreated by Grampa Smith with a simple but striking 2 tone offering.


10% of all sales of this hoodie will be donated to 1 of 2 Traveller Chrities, please select at order.