Endless Glade UV Backdrop

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Fluorescent backdrop "Endless Glade" by Ahankara Art, based on the psychedelic poem which is a part of VA "Mystery of Crytal Worlds", released by Global Sect.

"Myriads of fairy creatures

Dance and circle on the glade

These events are trance's features

Played by Elf, the magic's shade

It was just unearthly mind

Playing music, changing tempo

And conducting dancers' kind

Switching from the fast to lento

Fairies, witches of all types

Go to ecstasies so gladly

Give themselves up to the gripe

And enjoy the music's perry"

------- "The Mystery of Crystal Worlds", chapter 2: Endless Glade, psychedelic poem by Anastasia Lukomskaya

- 100% UV effect, new sublimation print technology (print without pixels), good quality and super visual art!!!

- High-quality sublimation print glows under UV Black Light and bright colors in daylight

- Printed on semigloss synthetic fabric

- Can be washed and ironed

- 4 eyelets on the corners for easy installation

***Attention! Due to the complex production technology, which is unique, it is possible that sending is delayed for 2-3 days. Please advise us in advance if the backdrop is necessary for you by the exact date.***