Enlightenment UV Backdrop

Enlightenment UV Backdrop

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'Enlightenment' is new artwork by Andrei Verner, made for your psychedelic enjoyment.

Pure enlightenment of the universe through the connection of the human mind with infinite spirit, is reachable if we concentrate and let go of all physical boundaries. A relaxed mind and enlightened soul can move with a speed of light throughout the boundless space and create omnipotent energy of love.

- 100% UV effect, new sublimation print technology (print without pixels), good quality and super visual art!!!

- High-quality sublimation print glows under UV Black Light and bright colors in daylight

- Printed on semigloss synthetic fabric

- Can be washed and ironed

- 4 eyelets on the corners for easy installation

***Attention! Due to the complex production technology, which is unique, it is possible that sending is delayed for 2-3 days. Please advise us in advance if the backdrop is necessary for you by the exact date.***