Shambhala T Shirt and CD

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Psychonauts Attention! By purchasing a T-shirt you get as a gift a stunning CD with 9 melodic goa-trance tracks from the best musicians of the genre.

- T-shirt is made of 100% cotton, it is very nice to wear;

- a magnificent luminescence in an ultraviolet;

- The print is printed by silk screening, which means that it can be washed an infinite number of times, without loss of quality;

- protection from bad trips within a radius of 1 km on the dance floor;

- we send it to anywhere in the world.

"The light shines on the Tower of Shambhala like a diamond.

He is there tireless Rigdet - Djapo, - eternally awake for the good of mankind.

His eyes never close. In his magic mirror, he sees all earthly events. And the power of thought goes through distant lands. For him there is no distance; he can help worthy in an instant. His bright light can destroy the darkness ...

(c) Nikolay Roerich (Shambhala Shining)

Creating our new collection "Shambhala", we were inspired by the immortal paintings of the legendary artist Nicholas Roerich and the ancient teachings of the East.

Someone says that the entrance to Shambhala is accessible only to selected seekers with a pure heart and an enlightened consciousness, and it is located somewhere in the mountains of Tibet, Nepal or Altai. Someone says that Shambala is a state of consciousness and is hidden in the depths of the heart of every person living on Earth.

Listen to the compilation:

Enjoy ॐ