Star Temple UV Backdrop

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Global Sect

This mesmerizing artwork will teleport you into the 5th dimension of space-time, and there you will find yourself in the magnificent Star Temple, home of holy light and enlightened souls.

While being guided by heavenly melodies, you will be drawn into a vortex – the portal to multiple layers of this sanctuary of stars. Listen to the chanting of Star Masters and you will find the way to a deep place of your soul, and find the star that shines infinitely, enlightening your mind.


Enjoy this piece of art, printed with the new sublimation print technology, on high-quality synthetic material, with intense and vivid fluorescent UV colours that hypnotize!

- High-quality sublimation print glows under UV Black Light and bright colours in daylight

- Printed on semigloss synthetic fabric

- Can be washed and ironed

- 4 eyelets on the corners for easy installation

***Attention! Due to the complex production technology, which is unique, it is possible that sending is delayed for 2-3 days. Please advise us in advance if the backdrop is necessary for you by the exact date.***